Q: I only have cold water connection, can I install the ACE


  • Option A - Block the hot water connection coming out of the faucet (1 of the 3 pipes is hot water) if choose this option, there will not be normal hot water
  • Option B - Buy a special mixer called combi mixer, we don’t offer such mixer yet but it is available on the market, if you buy and install it, you will have hot + cold water and also boiling water (we will offer such mixer in the near future)


Q: No water coming out of the faucet


  • turn on right knob (1) and see if water come out from main line. If no water flow - open the main on/off valve for water supply (3 & 4). If still no flow, problem related to the water line not related to system.
  • If water flow from the right knob (1), open valve located in safety group (5), and if filter assembled tighten filter into the holder (6 & 7).

Q: Slow water flow from faucet. (normally related to low pressure at the house)


  • Turn on the right knob (1) to open the valve connected to line water and flash out cold water. If flow is low call plumber to fix it
  • If right knob (1 ) flush the cold water at high flow rate but boiling flow at low rate, make sure all valves located on the water line are fully opened including the on/off valve on the safety group (3,4,5)

Q: Water leakage


  • Faucet leakage
    • there are 3 pipes connected to the faucet (6,7,8), if not fully tightened there will be water leakage (go to movie link and play 0:43 seconds to see the possible issue)
    • Fix by tightening the 3 hoses (requires to uninstall the faucet and tighten, then re-install)
  • Boiler leakage from outside
    • there are 2 pipes connected to boiler at the back, if it is not tight enough it will leak, if too tight also may damage the sealing and leak
    • if not tight, need to tighten
    • if too tight, need replace the hose
  • Boiler leakage from inside
    • If the unit seems to be mishandled, broken, damaged from outside, it is due to mishandling, replace boiler
    • If the unit seems well kept, no damages on outside, replace boiler
  • Splitter (combi valve) assembled on the system. Tighten nuts
    • if not tight, need to tighten
    • if too tight, need replace the hose, ship by postNL
  • Safety group is leaking from connecting nuts
    • if not tight, need to tighten
    • if too tight, need replace the hose, ship by postNL
  • Safety group is leaking from draining point
    • Check connection of drain pipe and fix leakage
    • The safety group is not position at the height required . re-position the safety group at higher position.

Q: Malfunction/not heating


  • Check LED at the front of the boiler, LED NOT flashing
    • Check the power line connection to the boiler and to the power outlet (11,12), if not well connected, re-connect, if it is connected then:
    • Is the boiler full with water? If no, the installer didn’t follow the instructions and burnt the heater, replace boiler , if it is full with water:
    • On/off power knob on boiler back side position. Turn on the on/off knob to on position (13) the button not easy to spot due to location
    • Take out power plug from wall socket, ensure the socket is active by connecting a different electronic device
    • If previous steps are failed Restart the system if the problem remains, need to replace the boiler
  • LED flashing
    • Check if it is flashing in sequence of 3 flashes, 1. If yes, try to restart
    • Reset the cutoff protection ( button on the back of the unit, you can see the octagon shape on the top right of the boiler at 2:24.
    • If the flash is normal heater is heating, wait 15 minutes and check
    • If not solved replace boiler

Q: Boiling water cool very fast.

A: Wrong In/Out  water pipes connection,need to switched the pipe connection (9,10)


Q: Temperature is too low


  • Take a normal kettle,  boil it, measure the water, if it is not 100 degrees, the measuring device is not ok, if it is 100 degrees
  • Take out boiling water from ACE faucet, let the LED start blinking (indicate it is heating) and wait till blinking stopped
  • Dispense water from faucet and measure the water coming out of the aerator/spout, do not measure in the glass as the glass reduce the temperature
  • If the measurement is 97-100 we consider as no problem due to tolerance of measuring device
  • If lower than 97, require send technician to validate.

Q: Water has a white color


  • The water reach 100 degree and during dispense to glass it will create white foam. This is due to steam which will disappear in few seconds, no action needed, this is normal behavior
  • we recommend while making tea, to dispense water first, let the white foam vanish, and then place the tea bag


Troubleshoot ACE

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