ACE.BOIL | 3 in 1

by unitoshop


Ace Boiling Water Tap | Hot Water On Your Terms!

 If you’ve ever wanted to have boiling water available to you on-demand, without waiting to boil a kettle on your gas stove, or the inconvenience of flipping on your electric kettle, you’re not alone!

That’s why the Ace Boiling Water Tap was developed. With just a single tap, you can get boiling water on-demand. And, not only that, we offer a filtered water tap that integrates perfectly into your kitchen – with a seamless and beautiful design.


ACE.BOIL, 3 in 1, 100°C instant boiling water kitchen faucet, chrome finish

  • 3 functions in 1 faucet, 100°C boiling water, tap warm and cold water
  • Safety lock enhancing product safety
  • Sleek design with chrome finishing
  • 2 years warranty