by unitoshop


BWT MyAQUA filter



  • Perfectly filtered drinking water directly from the
    kitchen tap for daily use
  • Perfect for cold and hot drinks
  • Reliable limescale protection for your kitchen appliances,
    by binding calcium in the water
  • The filter reduces the chlorine content in the water,
    which has a negative influence on the taste
  • The filter reduces heavy metals such as copper, lead
    and nickel
  • Suitable for original BWT MyAQUA and AQA drink
    filter heads


The multiple water filtration process
refines your tap water in four filtration stages to
best, filtered water

1. Primary filtration filters particles, e. g. sand or rust.
2.Activated-carbon preliminary filter reduces substances
impairing taste and smell, such as chlorine and
protects the filter.
3. Ion exchanger reduces the total hardness of drinking
water and thus protects appliances from lime deposits. It
reduces heavy metals like copper, lead and nickel.
4. Fine filtration collects even the finest particles.