BWT Bestprotect Filter CARTRIDGE

by unitoshop


BWT bestprotect filter

  • Exclude filter head
  • Filtration system for balanced mineral content
  • Perfect for great-tasting coffee and espresso
  • Effective reduction of water hardness and a stable pH value
  • Filtered water of outstanding sensory quality
  • Between 650 – 2140 Liter capacity (V size)*/**
  • Between 1090 – 5125 Liter capacity (XL size) */**


* depending on your water hardness

** please refer to manufacturer datasheet

The water filter reduces the hardness of the drinking water and protects the boiler against limescale and corrosion. In addition, the filter removes impurities, odors and unpleasant tastes (such as chlorides) from the water and improves the taste of the water. You will of course notice this by, for example, a better taste of your tea. The capacity of the filter is about 1500 liters with a hardness of 10dH. With average consumption this is sufficient for replacement once a year. This capacity applies to the V version. You can also opt for the extra large XL filter with a capacity of 3500 liters with a hardness of 10dH. For this filter you can choose if the hardness of the water in your region is much higher than 10 dH.